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It takes all kinds!

When an idle look for famous people associated with the day reveals talents as different as those possessed by Maria E. J. Versfelt, actress who was mistress to both General Moreau & Marshal Ney during the days of the Revolution … Continue reading

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To dye or not to dye…..when I stopped asking myself that question.

I have been noticing a rather lovely thing lately. When I spotted my first grey hairs, I was ever so slightly shocked. They were something that old women had, like my mother and her mother! Why me? Why now? So … Continue reading

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Flowers and Flower Gardens: Instructions for the Anglo-Indian Flower Garden

“But it is not until he arrives at a bend of the river called Garden Reach, where the City of Palaces first opens on the view, that the stranger has a full sense of the value of our possessions in … Continue reading

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Deshe Bideshe/Home and Abroad by Syed Mujtaba Ali

“He asked me whether I knew anyone in Peshawar or if I would go to a hotel. I said, ‘An acquaintance of a friend is coming to the station, but I have never seen him before and am a little … Continue reading

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Recycling the memories

Mathematics and recycling – two of our traditional strengths. I found this wrapped around something else as padding and I am taken back to the ‘dista khata’ or exercise books my parents made up for me to do sums on … Continue reading

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Correspondence between Surajit Sinha, V.C Visva Bharati and Edith Geheeb

Originally posted on animikhRabindranath:
This post comes courtesy of my dear Facebook friend Sukanya Sinha. Her father Surajit Sinha was the Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati University between 1975 and 1980. In Sukanya’s words: “While rummaging through old papers I…

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Manusher Ghorbari: Atin Bandopadhyay

“After we had been without food the whole day, my younger brother Piloo came back with news of a network of cucumber vines on a trellis beside a house. He took me to the place in the afternoon and showed … Continue reading

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