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The Elephant Clock

This page comes from an A.D 1315 treatise on fantastic devices invented by the author Badi al-Zaman al-Razzaz al‑Jazari (1136-1206). His elephant clock was especially intricate: every half hour, the bird on the dome whistled; the man below dropped a … Continue reading

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Robinson gets shipwrecked!

It was on this day in 1659 that Robinson Kreutznaer found himself shipwrecked on an island in the Orinoco delta, thanks to Daniel Defoe’s flair for writing. Defoe drew on several sources such as Alexander Selkirk’s story of being marooned … Continue reading

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This Valley of Death is not my Land, a translation of a Nabarun Bhattacharya poem এই মৃত্যু উপত্যকা আমার দেশ না

THIS VALLEY OF DEATH IS NOT MY LAND That father who fears identifying his child’s corpse I despise him. That brother who appears unashamedly normal I despise him. The teacher, the intellectual, the poet and the clerk Who do not … Continue reading

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Calcutta and its changing face

Calcutta’s street and suburb names still hold traces of its past when people practicing a specific trade stayed with others doing the same. Thus you would go to Kumortuli for the kumor or potters, Colootolla for the coloo or oil … Continue reading

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Catching the morning on a thistle seed and a prayer!

There is such pleasure in sitting in the sun after an early morning bath and combing the tangles out of my hair. I feel like a cat that has woken up before the rest of the house. I don’t even … Continue reading

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John Dalton, observer extraordinaire!

John Dalton, 6 September 1766 – 1844. As a man John Dalton may have been a little on the boring side with the rather odd hobby of keeping daily weather records from 1787 when he was 21, till his death … Continue reading

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LOVE SONG OF THE DAMAGED Can you tell me How I should feel? You had laughed to hear me ask. That first time you touched, that second time we kissed. But I was unsmiling, questions in my eyes And you … Continue reading

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The Treaty of Jaffa, 2nd September 1192

823 years ago on the second of September 1192 a treaty was signed between Salah- ad Din and Richard the Lionheart of England. This marked the end of the Third Crusade. Salah-ad Din was a Sunni Kurd of Armenian ancestry … Continue reading

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