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Aranyak: Jugal Prasad, the plantsman

I came across an unusual person one afternoon by the banks of the lake known as Saraswati Kundi. I was riding slowly past its edge on my way back from the survey camp one day when I saw a man … Continue reading

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Spider wasp vs. spider: Garden epic

Yesterday I went outside to the patio to be greeted by a very large spider apparently struck dead while doing yoga. Now, this is not a normal event even by my very strange and relaxed standards, but I can swear … Continue reading

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Euphorbia tirucalli – a childhood memory that turns out to have been a bit of a monster.

There are some times in life when coincidences can pile up and make you wonder. The other day I was part of a secret Santa on a gardening page and the only plant my gift receiver was hoping to receive … Continue reading

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Saplings of hope!

It is that time of the year again when a gardener’s thoughts turn lightly to bare-rooted trees, as a future feast for both the senses and the body. The youngest was kind enough to indulge me with the first of … Continue reading

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Through a window, happily.

I now have a new addition to my room, next to the floor length window – a little desk. I have my laptop there, a jar of paper beads, sheets of paper, three pairs of scissors, a fine brush, some … Continue reading

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Seedpods and other ephemera

Up and down our street the jacarandas are shedding seed pods and raining woody bits on carport roofs and cars parked on the street. If you stood at the start of the street two months ago, you would have seen … Continue reading

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Of figs and honey

Once you have managed to save a basket of figs from the owners of the feathers in the first photo, take a kilo of the unblemished ripe fruit, chop in quarters and mix in half a kilo of caster/ ground … Continue reading

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Seeds of hope

I love seeds…..from the smooth spheres of mustard, the flat dry discs of peppers and eggplants to the pointed spear heads of cucumber and melons and the scented stars of Chinese aniseed; I love them all. I love them when … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather: the Mynah, the Blackbird and me.

It is rather funny that the two birds that give me the greatest pleasure in the garden are also migrants like me; the Myna or Miner as the Aussies call it, and the Blackbird. They were both introduced to Australia … Continue reading

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