Of figs and honey

Once you have managed to save a basket of figs from the owners of the feathers in the first photo, take a kilo of the unblemished ripe fruit, chop in quarters and mix in half a kilo of caster/ ground sugar, a cinnamon stick, the seeds scraped from a vanilla pod and the rind and juice of a whole lemon. You could use a mixture of honey and sugar but be aware that the honey can overpower the sweet muskiness of the figs.


It has to now sit for a few hours. Take it out when the waiting becomes unbearable and put on medium heat.

fig 1

Talk to family about the Indian figs that one makes a dark curry from; the one that restores the iron levels in pregnant women.

Then wait till the sugar melts. Now turn the heat right down and wait for about forty minutes or till the jewel coloured mixture is sticky and thick.

fig 2

Talk about figs a little more, this time about how we call a rarely seen friend ‘fig flower’ since you can never see them, the flowers that is. If you want to know the science, the fig has its flowers inside it and a little ant or a little wasp climbs in through a tiny hole in the bottom to pollinate them.

Now the jam should be ready, remove the cinnamon stick. Rejoice in the colours and then pour into jars.
Voila! You have bottled this summer’s sunshine for the months of winter coming soon.

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