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Love Your Body

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©Shameless Photography Three photographers, Sophie Spinelle, Carey Lynne  and Maxine Nienow, are doing their part to expand the definition of beauty. In 2009, they started Shameless Photography, a photographic collective aimed at taking pictures of women and making…

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The Person Sitting in Darkness – Mark Twain

~The Person Sitting in Darkness is almost sure to say: “There is something curious about this — curious and unaccountable. There must be two Americas: one that sets the captive free, and one that takes a once-captive’s new freedom away … Continue reading

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Destitute Non-believer by Sunil Gangopadhyay

Sunil Gangopadhyay was an Indian author who wrote in my native Bengali. Born in Bangladesh in 1934, he passed away on October 23rd 2012. He studied in Calcutta and was awarded his Master’s degree in Bengali from the University of … Continue reading

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Amp it up, Andre!

Typical day in a classroom in Southern Adelaide a few years ago, when I was still teaching Science: ~”How many electrons are needed to make a cup of tea?” Everyone looks at the teacher wondering whether all that jumping about … Continue reading

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A country road, a dog that herds poultry and a cockatoo that drinks champagne

I live about ten minutes from the road that snakes out of the heart of Adelaide and slowly unfurls its way past a series of car yards and hardware stores towards the Fleurieu Peninsula. I have always noticed that car … Continue reading

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Of figs and honey

Once you have managed to save a basket of figs from the owners of the feathers in the first photo, take a kilo of the unblemished ripe fruit, chop in quarters and mix in half a kilo of caster/ ground … Continue reading

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A memo to myself on doggy role models

And now for something a little different; a little memo to myself more than anything else, but some of you may agree. I have had a dog for most of my life, sometimes two. Okay, twice I had seven, but … Continue reading

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Seeds of hope

I love seeds…..from the smooth spheres of mustard, the flat dry discs of peppers and eggplants to the pointed spear heads of cucumber and melons and the scented stars of Chinese aniseed; I love them all. I love them when … Continue reading

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The Tailor of Calcutta

When my parents first decided to buy a house for my grandmother to live in, they were led to look at Housing Board flats in Akhra Santoshpur by someone called Sunil Thakur if I remember correctly. When we went to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Don Quixote!

Title page of first edition, 1605 Happy Birthday to the Don of La Mancha!(his first appearance in print) The book described the adventures of a rather imaginative noble of La Mancha whose brain was addled by reading too many tales … Continue reading

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