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Only Lovers Left Alive – Jim Jarmusch.

Only Lovers Left Alive….such a pleasure to watch, partly with my daughter and then when she left to nap or clean her room, on my own. Takes the Twilight series and flushes it down where it belongs. Tilda Swinton or … Continue reading

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Will Raga Megh bring more rain to Adelaide?

I had always heard the story of how Tansen, the legendary musician of Akbar’s court brought the heavens to their knees by causing rains while singing Megh Mallar. I never actually thought much of it until this week, when Adelaide … Continue reading

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A few days ago I went to a church and listened to some heavenly music. You know the type, Psalm 151, Symphony 97, Laudate Jehovum, Agnus Dei. For me, music is music is music. And churches here have to let … Continue reading

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Image: The word Shankarabharanam means the ‘ornament of Lord Shiva’. The seven notes of the Raga are associated with the seven ornaments that adorn Lord Shiva: the (sa) is the serpent, the (ri) is the rudraksha, the (ga) is the … Continue reading

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Ragas and me

As I get older I find I am more able to spot the subtle differences between the various Ragas that I like listening to. It has not always been a happy relationship, this thing between me and the Ragas of … Continue reading

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