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To dye or not to dye…..when I stopped asking myself that question.

I have been noticing a rather lovely thing lately. When I spotted my first grey hairs, I was ever so slightly shocked. They were something that old women had, like my mother and her mother! Why me? Why now? So … Continue reading

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Last Cab to Darwin: a gem that is well worth the fare!

Last night I saw a film that will probably never win at the Oscars or make a great splash outside this country, but if you like a truly human story where no one tries to show you sweeping shots, grand … Continue reading

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Gerasim Lebedev, a Russian in Calcutta

The first person to play Indian tunes on Western instruments was not someone from the early days of Bollywood. It was a Russian named Gerasim Lebedev who came to India with a travelling military band in 1785. Initially based in … Continue reading

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August, Osage County

August, Osage County – only watch if you do not mind getting grit in your eyes and pebbles in your shoes. It is a film about a bitter-as-gall dying woman Violet (Meryl Streep) whose alcoholic poetry loving husband suddenly disappears. … Continue reading

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The problem with Merle…

“I couldn’t dance or sing or write or paint. The only possible opening seemed to be in some line in which I could use my face. This was, in fact, no better than a hundred other faces, but it did … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Lady, beautifully drawn

Some times you need to put aside your misgivings about Nicole Kidman and forget whatever made her marry Tom and just let a Jane Campion film take you to paradise and back. Nearly two decades after it was made, I … Continue reading

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Omar El-Sharif, gone to that great casino in the sky.

“No one in the world is called Omar Sharif, I shall call you Fred!” apparently said Peter O’Toole and Omar who had once been Michael became Fred. He might once have been Hollywood’s go to guy for the quintessential Arab … Continue reading

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