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King For A Year

King For A Year There was once a merchant whose only son had been saved from drowning by one of his slaves. The grateful merchant did not just grant the slave his freedom; he also gave him a ship filled … Continue reading

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Daryar Panch Pir

Dariyar Panch Pir, Badr, Badr! Anyone who has read stories about the boatmen of Bengal will remember the invocation they call out to the five Pirs to protect them against stormy weather as well as Portuguese and Arakan pirates from … Continue reading

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Rajkahini, Abanindranath Tagore’s tales of the Rajputs

‘When Maldev brought Hambeer to the court where his father and his father’s father had ruled their kingdom from, one cannot begin to describe what was going through Hambeer’s mind. He felt as though all the brave men of the … Continue reading

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Another Arjun, one with a thousand arms

Kartavirya Arjun was a Haihaya king who was so powerful that he was given the name Sahasrabahu or the One with a thousand arms. As always the gods were never too far from these tales of impossible numbers of limbs … Continue reading

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পণরক্ষা/Pawn Rokkha/THE OATH THAT HE SWORE

Reading about Bajirao Mastani on various Facebook walls reminded me of a poem from my childhood, the Maratha ditch that was built around parts of Calcutta in 1742 to keep the Maratha marauders out and a children’s rhyme about how … Continue reading

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Minogame: turtle tales

Minogame the ancient turtle is so old that he carries a beard of seaweed wherever he goes. Minogame, the ancient turtle If you or I are ever in the kingdom of the sea people where the purple sea grasses grow … Continue reading

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