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A rainbow cone at IKEA

For someone like me who has been in Australia for most of her life, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the things that bring a large number of people to these shores. When I came here, I was … Continue reading

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Red Browed Finches in the Garden

It took two years of planting, growing, flowering, seeding and not tidying the garden up to get the New Holland honey eaters to come to the garden. They came tentatively at first, one at a time, cautious about where they … Continue reading

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সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে/If I had learned to play the Sarod

সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে আমার এমন কিছু দুঃখ আছে যার নাম তিলক কামোদ এমন কিছু স্মৃতি যা সিন্ধুভৈরবী জয়জয়ন্তীর মতো বহু ক্ষত রয়ে গেছে ভিতর দেয়ালে কিছু কিছু অভিমান ইমনকল্যাণ। সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে বড় ভালো হতো। পুরুষ কিভাবে কাঁদে সেই শুধু … Continue reading

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John Lang: From Botany Bay to Bombay

John Lang was born in Sydney, a second generation Australian whose grandfather had been sent to the fledgling penal colony at Botany Bay for stealing a pair of spoons. He was educated partly at Cambridge and partly at other less … Continue reading

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Translated poetry: JUST FOR YOU, Nirmalendu Goon শুধু তোমার জন্য, নির্মলেন্দু গুণ

JUST FOR YOU My God knows, how often I have pulled back Just as I was about to touch you. My God knows, how often I have held my tongue Just as I was about to tell you of my … Continue reading

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King For A Year

King For A Year There was once a merchant whose only son had been saved from drowning by one of his slaves. The grateful merchant did not just grant the slave his freedom; he also gave him a ship filled … Continue reading

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বুঝি না, বুঝতে পারি না, চাইও না/We do not understand, we are incapable of comprehending and we do not wish to either:

Originally posted on animikhRabindranath:
Regardless of whether Bengalis read Rabindranath Tagore’s work with attention or not, lately curiosity in Rabindranath as a person has flared up. This eagerness has recently found a new focus. This is what might be described…

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