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Today’s Google Doodle: Sarah Durack and her swimsuit

Living in Australia today, with swimming pools and lessons a fact of life for both girls and boys from the age of three to four months till well into their nineties, it seems hard to believe that the idea of … Continue reading

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If one reads Purnendu Pattrea’s Purono Kolkatar Kathachitra (Tales of Old Calcutta), there is a fascinating list of Calcutta’s wonders listed at the start of the book in an old song by Rupchand Pokkhi. Rupchand lived between 1815 and 1890. … Continue reading

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Aubergine affaire d’amour

Skin that shines, as though the finest oils of Morocco have been anointing each luscious inch since it was first revealed to this world. Voluptuous curves that could make the beauties of Hindostan sigh in surrender. Flesh, sweet and unmarked … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Buildings of Calcutta

Young man, go East …………..but at your own peril! Considering that a large number of the East India Company clerks or writers were younger sons who had little or no claim to the family fortunes and the rest had hardly … Continue reading

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A rainbow cone at IKEA

For someone like me who has been in Australia for most of her life, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the things that bring a large number of people to these shores. When I came here, I was … Continue reading

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Red Browed Finches in the Garden

It took two years of planting, growing, flowering, seeding and not tidying the garden up to get the New Holland honey eaters to come to the garden. They came tentatively at first, one at a time, cautious about where they … Continue reading

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সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে/If I had learned to play the Sarod

সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে আমার এমন কিছু দুঃখ আছে যার নাম তিলক কামোদ এমন কিছু স্মৃতি যা সিন্ধুভৈরবী জয়জয়ন্তীর মতো বহু ক্ষত রয়ে গেছে ভিতর দেয়ালে কিছু কিছু অভিমান ইমনকল্যাণ। সরোদ বাজাতে জানলে বড় ভালো হতো। পুরুষ কিভাবে কাঁদে সেই শুধু … Continue reading

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