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Tagore, full of surprises as ever.

Every time I think I have approached something remotely close to beginning to get the measure of the man, Rabindranath Tagore surprises me and how. I was reading an essay titled ‘Dharma Bodher Drishtanto’ or Examples of Rightful Thinking where … Continue reading

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Tagore the zamindar

In 1906, he sent his 18-year old son Rathindranath Tagore (Rathi, as the poet used to call him affectionately) along with another young man named Santosh Majumder to study agriculture and animal husbandry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. … Continue reading

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Upcoming book of Tagore translations.

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I am rather happy to announce that a new book of my translations of Tagore, the fourth one so far, is being published soon. The publishers are Vitasta of Delhi. The book is titled Reliving Tagore,…

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Zarina Hashmi@ Sakshi Gallery

Originally posted on urduwallahs:
Zarina Hashmi (born 1937) is an indian artist who produces work in a number of forms, primarily using paper. Her work spans drawing, printmaking, papermaking, sculpture, and drawing. It is abstract and minimal and explores the concept of…

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When Margaret married Antony

Royal children are always either good or bad. Harry is Harry the Red, a wild child who gets to date women from all over the planet and jump out of planes in the safer parts of global trouble spots while … Continue reading

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