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Big Gay Facebook…..and that Voltaire quote that never was.

For all the people getting their straight jackets in a right muddle because of the rainbows on Facebook, I feel for you. But spare a thought for the FB data scientist who has to look at all the tracked information … Continue reading

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আনন্দমঠ: বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায় Anand Math: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

আনন্দমঠ প্রথম খণ্ড প্রথম পরিচ্ছেদ “১১৭৬ সালে গ্রীষ্মকালে এক দিন পদচিহ্ন গ্রামে রৌদ্রের উত্তাপ বড় প্রবল। গ্রামখানি গৃহময়, কিন্তু লোক দেখি না। বাজারে সারি সারি দোকান, হাটে সারি সারি চালা, পল্লীতে পল্লীতে শত শত মৃন্ময় গৃহ, মধ্যে মধ্যে উচ্চ নীচ … Continue reading

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Ibn Battuta

At the age of twenty one, on this day of June in 1325, six hundred and ninety years ago, Ibn Battutah left his home in Tangiers to go on the Haj. It would take him sixteen months to arrive in … Continue reading

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Sorrows Old and New, Shakti Chattopadhyay

Sorrows Old and New The sorrows that are long gone, I call back today Me and my shadow; if sorrow comes and joins us It is good, I feel like saying to my new pain, go And spend a few … Continue reading

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Through a window, happily.

I now have a new addition to my room, next to the floor length window – a little desk. I have my laptop there, a jar of paper beads, sheets of paper, three pairs of scissors, a fine brush, some … Continue reading

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Chandigarh’s Rock Star: Nek Chand

Originally posted on a reader's words:
Nek Chand‘s Rock Garden was one of the first places I went to see when I moved to Chandigarh in 1981. There were few places to see in Chandigarh — the Rose Garden…

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Mahabhisa and Ganga

And so it came to pass that King Mahabhisa of the Ikshvaku line became a Rishi after much penance and sacrifice. One day, as all the gods and the Rishis were worshipping Brahma, the river Ganga approached the Grandfather (Brahma) … Continue reading

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Birsa Munda, 115 years on.

9th June, 1900: Birsa Munda dies after a brief and explosive life of twenty five years. An authentic indigenous uprising against the British and their puppet missionaries comes to an end in a cell of Ranchi Jail. ‘Birsa fainted after … Continue reading

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Boadicea….’This is what I a woman will do!’

Her statue with its scythed chariot wheels stands next to the Houses of Parliament. (Image: net) ‘I fight not for my kingdom or for booty, but for my love of freedom, my bruised body, my outraged daughters. We will win … Continue reading

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Immigrants postcards (mini) ~ I

Originally posted on Bhaswati Ghosh:
1 The driving instructor, a middle-aged man of calm demeanour gets frustrated when his Indian student waits for his instructions before making even the simplest of moves. “It’s not your fault,” he tells her. “I…

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