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AL-288-1, Lucy or Dinkinesh -what is in a name after all?

Today’s Google doodle in Australia is all about Lucy. AL-288-1 or Dinkinesh is the closest thing we have to a primordial Eve, the mother to our race. She is a collection of several hundred yellowed fragments of bone, recovered in … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different! After all, the time for surrender is passing for all of us to some degree.

স্নান সংকোচে জানাই আজ: একবার মুগ্ধ হতে চাই। তাকিয়েছি দূর থেকে। এতদিন প্রকাশ্যে বলিনি। এতদিন সাহস ছিল না কোনো ঝর্ণাজলে লুণ্ঠিত হবার – আজ দেখি অবগাহনের কাল পেরিয়ে চলেছি দিনে দিনে … জানি, পুরুষের কাছে দস্যুতাই প্রত্যাশা করেছো। তোমাকে ফুলের … Continue reading

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Panda-ing to the masses

This animal is one of the few that the Chinese do not consider of medicinal value, although its urine was once used to melt accidentally swallowed needles. While this lack of usefulness in maintaining erections or regrowing hair may have … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Lady, beautifully drawn

Some times you need to put aside your misgivings about Nicole Kidman and forget whatever made her marry Tom and just let a Jane Campion film take you to paradise and back. Nearly two decades after it was made, I … Continue reading

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