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Daryar Panch Pir

Dariyar Panch Pir, Badr, Badr! Anyone who has read stories about the boatmen of Bengal will remember the invocation they call out to the five Pirs to protect them against stormy weather as well as Portuguese and Arakan pirates from … Continue reading

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Shiladitya, Rajkahini: Abanindranath Tagore’s tales of the Rajputs

Long before Shiladitya’s birth, when the last king of Kanaksen’s lineage was still ruling at Ballavipur, there was a great tank in that city whose waters were said to be very sacred indeed. This was known as Suryakund or the … Continue reading

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Birsa Munda, 115 years on.

9th June, 1900: Birsa Munda dies after a brief and explosive life of twenty five years. An authentic indigenous uprising against the British and their puppet missionaries comes to an end in a cell of Ranchi Jail. ‘Birsa fainted after … Continue reading

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