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Robert Koch, Disease Detective

Koch’s Postulates: It seems simple enough today to be able to say that a disease will have a cause, usually an organism; that it will be possible to grow that organism in a laboratory; that the laboratory culture will then … Continue reading

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Tell me, which village is that?

Your father lives in this village Your husband lives in that Which of them is yours woman Tell me, which village is that? All your life you cooked in pots bought by someone else And lived in someone else’s house … Continue reading

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Caroline Herschel, star woman

  “However long we live, life is short, so I work. And however important man becomes, he is nothing compared to the stars. There are secrets, dear sister, and it is for us to reveal them.” ~ Caroline Herschel (In … Continue reading

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Gerasim Lebedev, a Russian in Calcutta

The first person to play Indian tunes on Western instruments was not someone from the early days of Bollywood. It was a Russian named Gerasim Lebedev who came to India with a travelling military band in 1785. Initially based in … Continue reading

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August, Osage County

August, Osage County – only watch if you do not mind getting grit in your eyes and pebbles in your shoes. It is a film about a bitter-as-gall dying woman Violet (Meryl Streep) whose alcoholic poetry loving husband suddenly disappears. … Continue reading

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A small step for Augustus, a leap of a year for mankind

You might have been the one out of every 1461 people on the planet to celebrate their brithday yesterday. Go Leapling, I say! But if you were born before twelve o’clock, there are people who are agitating to lump you … Continue reading

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