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Last Cab to Darwin: a gem that is well worth the fare!

Last night I saw a film that will probably never win at the Oscars or make a great splash outside this country, but if you like a truly human story where no one tries to show you sweeping shots, grand … Continue reading

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Today’s Google Doodle: Lottie Reiniger and her magic scissors

How I love Google Doodles! I would probably have missed out reading about Lottie Reiniger otherwise. She was a German film maker, who was making films before Walt Disney and whose influence is clear in the work of Tim Burton, … Continue reading

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August, Osage County

August, Osage County – only watch if you do not mind getting grit in your eyes and pebbles in your shoes. It is a film about a bitter-as-gall dying woman Violet (Meryl Streep) whose alcoholic poetry loving husband suddenly disappears. … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Lady, beautifully drawn

Some times you need to put aside your misgivings about Nicole Kidman and forget whatever made her marry Tom and just let a Jane Campion film take you to paradise and back. Nearly two decades after it was made, I … Continue reading

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Omar El-Sharif, gone to that great casino in the sky.

“No one in the world is called Omar Sharif, I shall call you Fred!” apparently said Peter O’Toole and Omar who had once been Michael became Fred. He might once have been Hollywood’s go to guy for the quintessential Arab … Continue reading

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Only Lovers Left Alive – Jim Jarmusch.

Only Lovers Left Alive….such a pleasure to watch, partly with my daughter and then when she left to nap or clean her room, on my own. Takes the Twilight series and flushes it down where it belongs. Tilda Swinton or … Continue reading

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Richard Attenborough, curtains at last.

“Of course I’d rather have nice things written about me, but I’m not a great auteur, I’m not a great director. I’m a good director. I have an ability to make people examine certain circumstances,” Richard Attenborough, 1923 – 2014. … Continue reading

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