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Another kind of V Day!

In light of today’s Google doodle, happy V Day! Alessandro Volta(February 18, 1745 – March 7, 1827) When Volta heard about Galvani’s frog leg twitching trick, he was instantly curious. Now if he had been French, he would have merely shrugged … Continue reading

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Bloody Lupercalia!

Long before Hallmark, long before the young and the restless had to take out a small loan to finance the day’s dealings, the roads to love started in – yes you guessed it, Rome! The early Romans celebrated Lupercalia on … Continue reading

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Watching Sabrina!

Sabrina Fairchild(Hepburn): “All night long I’ve had the most terrible impulse to do something.” Linus Larrabee(Bogart): “Never resist an impulse, Sabrina. Especially if it’s terrible.” Watching Sabrina with my parents; not the 1995 version with Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford, … Continue reading

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