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May 29th, 1953 – the first ascent of the Everest summit.

THE CROWNING GLORY: EVEREST IS CLIMBED More than 60 years and over 4000 successful ascents and around 255 deaths later, the climb by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay still remains an amazing feat by any standards, whether set now … Continue reading

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I thought I was getting a free bookshelf…

The other day I came to be the happy owner of a throwaway bookshelf. Not just any throwaway shelf but a Billy by IKEA; the kind that can be fitted with doors and baskets from the same source. Or with … Continue reading

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Guan Yi at Sellicks’ Beach, South Australia

One news site here is calling her a giant Buddha while another called her a Buddhist statute, but despite such cultural faux pas and poor editing, she herself is completely beautiful and all embracing. The statue we saw yesterday along … Continue reading

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The first table knives or how to make sure your friends don’t bleed over your best linen

On this day in 1637, disgusted by watching his dinner guests picking their beef bourguignon out of their teeth with their daggers, Cardinal Richelieu finally ordered the blades of his steak knives to be ground into rounded shapes. Lo and … Continue reading

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Raikishori, a novel by Suchitra Bhattacharya (January 10, 1950 – May 12, 2015)

“I am Raikishori Mitra. Mitra….or should that be Chaudhury? No, none of the above I am Rai, just Rai…..Raikishori. Don’t let my name fool you into thinking I am some sort of paragon of beauty like Krishna’s lover in Vrindavan. … Continue reading

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হে নূতন, দেখা দিক আর-বার জন্মের প্রথম শুভক্ষণ/Hail the new, Let the sacred hour of birth approach once more

Originally posted on animikhRabindranath:
হে নূতন, দেখা দিক আর-বার জন্মের প্রথম শুভক্ষণ ।। তোমার প্রকাশ হোক কুহেলিকা করি উদঘাটন সূর্যের মতন । রিক্ততার বক্ষ ভেদি আপনারে করো উন্মোচন । ব্যক্ত হোক জীবনের জয়, ব্যক্ত হোক তোমামাঝে অসীমের চিরবিস্ময় । উদয়দিগন্তে…

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25th Baishakh, 1941,Tagore’s final birthday and the last song he ever wrote: an account by Santidev Ghosh

“The whole of Bengal was taken up by the approaching celebrations of Gurudev’s birthday on 25th Baishakh in 1348 (Bengali calendar); I came back to Santiniketan at this time and went to meet him. He asked, ‘What is happening here … Continue reading

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