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The other Mrs Gandhi, Kasturba

Arguably, she is the only woman to have a public spat with Gandhi. A feminist according to many modern believers in that ideal, she was betrothed to Gandhi when they were both seven. married at thirteen and had the first … Continue reading

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Who is the bearded man?

The photograph of Colonel Olcott Nothing comes from nothing! One of my dearest friends on Facebook recently introduced me to a friend of hers living in America assuring me that we would have our love for Tagore in common. We … Continue reading

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Ray’s Kanchenjunga

When I began to write about the Satyajit Ray film ‘Kanchenjunga’, I admit that I reached for the DVD copy that I had. For a film that is about the kind of Bengali people that many of Ray film watchers … Continue reading

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My grandmother’s story

About ten years ago I lost my grandmother on my mother’s side, my Didu. She died in September, so it is not quite an obligatory remembering exercise but more a thinking out loud about someone that once lived and filled … Continue reading

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Will Raga Megh bring more rain to Adelaide?

I had always heard the story of how Tansen, the legendary musician of Akbar’s court brought the heavens to their knees by causing rains while singing Megh Mallar. I never actually thought much of it until this week, when Adelaide … Continue reading

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The soap opera that is life!

I just had a huge rush of nostalgia for the days when an overseas aunt or uncle’s visit would mean the brief appearance of foreign soaps and body lotions in our middle class, pre – liberalization/pre – cable TV days. … Continue reading

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The window to the west

I just spoke to my mother. Facebook has brought joy to my life by allowing me to talk to her, in real time while seeing her and my father sitting in our front room in the Calcutta house. As she … Continue reading

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