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Manusher Ghorbari: Atin Bandopadhyay

“After we had been without food the whole day, my younger brother Piloo came back with news of a network of cucumber vines on a trellis beside a house. He took me to the place in the afternoon and showed … Continue reading

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Yeh Lijjat Ka Sawal Hain or A Lijjat Papad is anything but hot air!

We ran out of these yesterday. As I picked up new packets of the lentil flour biscuits for want of a better word, I thought of a brand loyalty that has lasted for over thirty years at least in my … Continue reading

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The first table knives or how to make sure your friends don’t bleed over your best linen

On this day in 1637, disgusted by watching his dinner guests picking their beef bourguignon out of their teeth with their daggers, Cardinal Richelieu finally ordered the blades of his steak knives to be ground into rounded shapes. Lo and … Continue reading

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Of figs and honey

Once you have managed to save a basket of figs from the owners of the feathers in the first photo, take a kilo of the unblemished ripe fruit, chop in quarters and mix in half a kilo of caster/ ground … Continue reading

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Seeds of hope

I love seeds…..from the smooth spheres of mustard, the flat dry discs of peppers and eggplants to the pointed spear heads of cucumber and melons and the scented stars of Chinese aniseed; I love them all. I love them when … Continue reading

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Bori, manna from heaven

In December, a Bengali’s thought can turn to cake…lentil cakes or boris My mother finishes off her FB chat by typing/saying she is off to make ‘bori‘s. There are few other foods that I miss as much as eating those … Continue reading

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