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To dye or not to dye…..when I stopped asking myself that question.

I have been noticing a rather lovely thing lately. When I spotted my first grey hairs, I was ever so slightly shocked. They were something that old women had, like my mother and her mother! Why me? Why now? So … Continue reading

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God bless you! Now take your plague elsewhere please

It might be only just another day in February 2016, but about fifteen hundred years ago, this was the day when Pope Gregory decided that people would have to say ‘God bless you’ every time they heard someone else sneeze. … Continue reading

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One red dot at a time……

At the doctor’s a little boy came up to my mother, his bright blue eyes fixed on her face. As I looked on half curious he asked her, “Why are you wearing that red dot on your head?” The adults … Continue reading

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