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Bangalnamaa 2, Tapan Raychaudhuri

I knew this lion of a man to be my own grandfather. He would come to our house and sleep on the sofa in the living room whenever he came to Barisal to argue a case,. And I used to … Continue reading

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Love, my translation of a poem by Taslima Nasreen of Bangladesh

LOVE If I have to carefully line my eyes for you, Colour my hair, paint my face and Perfume my skin, If I have to wear my very best, With gold at throat and wrist just for you to see, … Continue reading

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A Raphaelite Madonna

Madonna della seggiola, or the Madonna of the chair, although she sits here on the Throne of Wisdom. Raphael painted her five hundred years ago, as a mother dressed in the fashion of the Middle East, holding her child with … Continue reading

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Sydney, #illridewithyou

The Australia I live in has posties who come up the driveway to deliver your letters because you are too far gone in your pregnancy. The Australia I live in has people who think nothing of handing in an expensive … Continue reading

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Afghans in Australia

Although the number of Afghans coming to Australia was small (no more than 3000) compared with other ethnic groups, their contribution to this country has been much greater than most people realise. Afghans have made a substantial contribution to South … Continue reading

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Bori, manna from heaven

In December, a Bengali’s thought can turn to cake…lentil cakes or boris My mother finishes off her FB chat by typing/saying she is off to make ‘bori‘s. There are few other foods that I miss as much as eating those … Continue reading

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From the past, three photographs with love: Guest author Basanti Chakravorty Das

Last week, the whole family happily kept my son company as he watched “Gandhi” for a college project. The movie was even more engrossing after a hiatus of several years. I began thinking about my grandparents who lived through those … Continue reading

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