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Henry VIII, April 22 1509

“Alas! what shall I do for love? For love, alas! what shall I do? Sith now so kind, I do you find, To keep you me unto. Alas!” Said Henry VIII, even though we know him as a man rather … Continue reading

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God bless you! Now take your plague elsewhere please

It might be only just another day in February 2016, but about fifteen hundred years ago, this was the day when Pope Gregory decided that people would have to say ‘God bless you’ every time they heard someone else sneeze. … Continue reading

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Jonas Salk: ‘Can you patent the sun?’

I haven’t been part of any wars or events that will end up being considered momentous but for one. When my twenty year old was still a toddler, he was part of the Pulse Polio campaign in India in 1995-1996 … Continue reading

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