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“Sir, I have discovered the highest mountain in the world!”

“Sir, I have discovered the highest mountain in the world!” Radhanath Sikdar, 1852. (Sikdar) In light of my earlier post on the first men to climb Mount Everest, it would be wrong to not gloat in the slightest about the … Continue reading

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The story of Madhu and Kaitabha and how Vishnu took care of them

00:52 Once there was a time when there were no people, no animals nor plants and not even soil for them to grow from. According to the gods’ reckoning, Brahma had completed one of his days after fourteen seasons of … Continue reading

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Hardly good form, old chap: Hastings shoots Philip Francis.

Today’s date has the somewhat dubious honour being the anniversary of a duel that took place between Warren Hastings and Philip Francis in 1780. Hastings had disliked Francis for a long time. The reason behind this is most likely the … Continue reading

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Hindoo Stuart and the pallid European ladies

Watching Dan Snow present The Birth of Empire: The East India Company is a very pleasant experience. He is a good looking man, knowledgeable in all the right ways and able to emphasise all the bits that need pointing out. … Continue reading

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Margaretha to Mata – Unfortunate victim or calculating femme fatale

7th August….. Margaretha Geertruida McLeod Zelle, not a name that holds any great promise of seductive allure or for that matter indication of a gossip-worthy future. But say the name Mata Hari and instantly the image that floats before one’s … Continue reading

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