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Arjun and Ulupi: An Inconvenient Truth.

Reading the Mahabharata……… When Arjuna arrived in the land of the Nagas under the guise of Brahminhood, their widowed princess Ulupi did not believe that such a handsome man could have suddenly attained enlightenment simply by studying the Vedas by … Continue reading

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Mahabhisa and Ganga

And so it came to pass that King Mahabhisa of the Ikshvaku line became a Rishi after much penance and sacrifice. One day, as all the gods and the Rishis were worshipping Brahma, the river Ganga approached the Grandfather (Brahma) … Continue reading

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Kashiramdas’s Mahabharat: How it all began.

  Shounak and the other sages in the groves of Naimish Fed the sacred flames for twelve years to fulfill every wish. Suddenly, who should appear there but Souti, son of Lomharshon The one who had mastered all the sciences … Continue reading

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