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Catching the morning on a thistle seed and a prayer!

There is such pleasure in sitting in the sun after an early morning bath and combing the tangles out of my hair. I feel like a cat that has woken up before the rest of the house. I don’t even … Continue reading

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Deciding when it is enough…for their sake.

The most difficult test of loving someone is knowing when it must be ended. A little less than two years ago, I had to bring myself to make that decision. About not just knowing when to end the relationship but … Continue reading

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Like it’s raining all over the world..

You know how when you go to Goa or Kovalam or walk across the sands in Digha or Rishikonda, you can close your eyes against the sun and sand and still know where you are by the ceaseless sound of … Continue reading

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Seeds of hope

I love seeds…..from the smooth spheres of mustard, the flat dry discs of peppers and eggplants to the pointed spear heads of cucumber and melons and the scented stars of Chinese aniseed; I love them all. I love them when … Continue reading

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Of Kente cloths, laughing Buddhas and German eagles!

My parents bring the most wonderful things each time they visit! This time these include two antique kente cloths from Ghana; gold and green and woven rather than printed like the cheap tops sold as souvenirs to tourists in Africa … Continue reading

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My grandmother’s story

About ten years ago I lost my grandmother on my mother’s side, my Didu. She died in September, so it is not quite an obligatory remembering exercise but more a thinking out loud about someone that once lived and filled … Continue reading

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The window to the west

I just spoke to my mother. Facebook has brought joy to my life by allowing me to talk to her, in real time while seeing her and my father sitting in our front room in the Calcutta house. As she … Continue reading

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