Catching the morning on a thistle seed and a prayer!

There is such pleasure in sitting in the sun after an early morning bath and combing the tangles out of my hair. I feel like a cat that has woken up before the rest of the house. I don’t even care that some of the hair on the comb that I pull away has pale roots. Yes, I should have remembered to stock up on my favourite burgundy colour for the weekend but I didn’t. But that is more than beautifully compensated by the morning sun in my hair, the shadow of my arm moving up through my hair and down again and best of all, by the fact that I have no sweater sitting across my shoulders, no shawl muffling my neck and that the breeze is not a gale but whisper soft and warm. The shadows of arm and hair are joined every now and then by a shadow of a flying insect, a fly rarely and a butterfly. The first of the flies are emerging after winter. Behind me a dove is crooning, probably on the fence – the same sound that doves make across the world, whether you are in Ranchi or Roanoke. Above, the roofing of the pergola warms up with a series of pops. A magpie lark or piping shrike nearby begins its metallic questioning call. A piece of thistle fluff dislodged by a young magpie trying to impress its mate flies by and I catch it on my palm. If only I could catch this morning as easily, to look at when I needed to.

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2 Responses to Catching the morning on a thistle seed and a prayer!

  1. spunkybong says:

    I hate it when someone relishes the onset of winter and then chooses to torture us northern hemispherers with her flowery words. May the fly bite you and may it rain all summer. 😀

  2. spunkybong says:

    sorry, I meant ***onset of summer*** in the first line of my comment. 🙂

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