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Henry VIII, April 22 1509

“Alas! what shall I do for love? For love, alas! what shall I do? Sith now so kind, I do you find, To keep you me unto. Alas!” Said Henry VIII, even though we know him as a man rather … Continue reading

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The birth of the Khalsa, 1699

Some of the most amazing stories of the human race revolve around the creation of a new path. One such ground breaking event was the creation of the Khalsa. The faithful and the curious had gathered in their hundreds in … Continue reading

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A Blind Date With A Book

Originally posted on Literary Gitane:
Have you ever been on a blind date with a book? I recently went on my first one thanks to an event my library had organized for Valentine’s Day. Many libraries and bookstores are playing…

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Fortius, remember?

On the anniversary of the first modern Olympics held in 1896, let us take a moment to remember one of the ancient Olympians, Leonidas of Rhodes who achieved a staggering 12 Olympic victories. This is a feat that has never … Continue reading

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