To dye or not to dye…..when I stopped asking myself that question.

I have been noticing a rather lovely thing lately. When I spotted my first grey hairs, I was ever so slightly shocked. They were something that old women had, like my mother and her mother! Why me? Why now? So I combed my hair differently and even casually told my mother about the three grey hairs I had suddenly acquired. I hate to say, I may even have pulled them out!

Over the years the three became five, then fifteen and then I lost count! It took me a very long time to start colouring my hair..partly thanks to a huge sense of confidence in myself and partly due to laziness, as well as a niggling doubt about how good these chemicals are for us if pregnant women are warned against using them. But then I too became a dyer and familiar with words like Casting and Creme Gloss. I can’t say it made me any happier or more confident than I was before the EXPERIENCE. In fact, when you love shampooing as much as I do, there is no way your hair is going to stay Glossy Burgundy for 28 washes! So you get this hair that looks like a raccoon mated with a red panda. Not attractive! Even so, I would colour it, before I met someone new, before the Pujas and other festive occasions and before my parents visited. Yes, I too have suffered, for the goddess and for my fellow human beings!

Then came a stage when I realised the people that I care about most did not care about what colour my hair was, even if I did look like I was getting over a bad case of red panda love. I also noticed other women my age, real ones and ones on social media, who, in their own words, did not bother to Photoshop the greys out. They are beautiful women with a sense of intelligence that has little to do with having jet black hair. One of my friends is a gorgeous woman who has had blindingly white hair since the first time I saw her, over 25 years ago. In fact if you are reading this and are a fan of jet, I might remind you that no one really has hair that black. Dark Brown is better for you, unless you are going for the emo look.

Strangely enough a lot of us between the magic years of 45 to 55 and perhaps into the 60s are starting to see the fun in keeping the greys. After all, we do have a lot going for us..our intelligence, our experiences, our sense of humour, not to mention the physical things such as eyes, smiles etc. For some there is the added pleasure of having happy well adjusted children and being in happy relationships with the people in their lives.

So, the message…..well, the message is, if you have to colour, do it for yourself and yourself alone! If you choose not to, you are still the same person, just with more silver to your name 🙂

Now for a list of famous people with silver hair..George Clooney, Paul Hollywood, Jayant Kripalani, Helen Mirren and occasionally Lady Gaga, Kate Moss…..

I cannot name the not so famous simply because they wish to stay that way. Plus, becoming famous for five minutes because of someone else’s blog post is worse than what Andy Warhol described.


Is it my grey that makes you feel uncomfortable?


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