Sarwate and Banerjee – hardly your typical tail enders!

249 runs scored by a couple of Indian tail end batsmen against a team abroad – something unusual even by today’s standards. And yet two Indian batsmen did just that on this day way back in 1946.

Wisden said about the Indian team that year, ‘By their cricket they won the hearts of the English public; by their modesty and bearing they earned the respect and admiration of everyone with whom they came into close contact.’

Had the weather been better that summer, the cricket might have been even better from our viewpoint; the team had 11 wins and 4 losses from 29 games.

When the score stood at 205 for 9 after CS Nayudu was out, Shute Banerjee joined No 10 Sarwate. The British bowlers probably felt it was all over for the visitors but the two Indians had different ideas. They were not strangers to high scores, both having scored well in Ranji Trophy matches. They found the gaps, played carefully and thanks to a botched stumping finished the day with 193 runs added in the last couple of hours. There was no play on the next day as it was a Sunday. By the time they finished on Monday, Banerjee had scored 121 and Sarwate was not out on 124. This is still the only time that a No 10 and a No 11 scored centuries in the same innings.


Sarwate and Banerjee (espn.cricinfo)

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