Out of the mouths of babes (or those who teach them) – a life lesson from kindergarten

Tidy up time! Tidy up time!

When the children were in kindergarten and preschool their teachers used to call this out about fifteen minutes before home time. The quick ones put their own toys, glue, soft edged scissors, books etc. away before the teacher had finished the sentence. Some walked to the shelves and put things away when the teacher had spoken. Some, a very small number of boys usually, managed to confuse these instructions and made a mad rush for the door and earned the teacher’s glares. Then there was mat time for what must have felt like hours to both the teacher and these more hyperactive little ones. Then, it was home time and out of the door to whoever waited outside.

The reason behind this story coming to mind is not completely clear to me. But I find myself tidying or attempting to tidy up my life lately. Sorting through drawers, getting rid of receipts, tearing up business cards, oohing and aahing over glass beads or shells caught in the corners. The culling instinct is weak but I make myself strong. I don’t want to be caught with too many forgotten corners when it is time to sit down on the mat.

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