Today’s Google Doodle: Lottie Reiniger and her magic scissors

How I love Google Doodles! I would probably have missed out reading about Lottie Reiniger otherwise. She was a German film maker, who was making films before Walt Disney and whose influence is clear in the work of Tim Burton, arguably the best children’s film maker of today. She worked on nearly seventy films and was almost the entire film crew in most cases, cutting each figure out of paper, sometimes with up to fifty pieces per figure, while her husband Carl operated the camera.

Both were marked as Jewish sympathizers during the Nazi period. They never managed to escape the horrors entirely but lived on tourist visas in various countries, coming back to Germany every three months. Since they found work in England and France, during the war years they often only saw each other in the ferry terminals at Dover and Calais.

Lottie and Carl finally emigrated to England in 1949. She made films such as Cinderella (link below) and said “I love working for children, because they are a very critical and very thankful public.”

Lottie was always telling stories where women came out stronger and won the day with their wits and intelligence. A bit like her really!

Lottie Reiniger, a film maker for the young and the young at heart from a time when films for children were not made to sell toys and lunch boxes.

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