Zarina Hashmi@ Sakshi Gallery

Rather lovely!


Zarina Hashmi (born 1937) is an indian artist who produces work in a number of forms, primarily using paper. Her work spans drawing, printmaking, papermaking, sculpture, and drawing. It is abstract and minimal and explores the concept of home.

Sakshi Gallery in Mumbai has displayed two of her works which carry Urdu proverbs.

Given below are the images of both her works.

Zarina Hashmi Zarina Hashmi

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 4.02.46 PM

Given below are the Urdu Proverbs in order of the images, left to right, row wise.

1.Nau sau chuhe Khakar billi haj ko chalee”

After living life to the hilt, one takes to spirituality at the flag end of one’s life.

2. Rassi Jal gayee par bal na gaye

Even after hitting rock bottom,ones attitude remains unchanged/old habits die hard

3. Halwai ki dukan pe dadaji ka fatya

To do one’s own business on someone else property

4.sanjhe ki handiya chowk me phuti.

To wash your dirty linen…

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