Caroline Herschel, star woman



“However long we live, life is short, so I work. And however important man becomes, he is nothing compared to the stars. There are secrets, dear sister, and it is for us to reveal them.”

~ Caroline Herschel
(In the photo above)

From a ten year old whose mother wanted her to cook, clean and serve the rest of her large family throughout her life to professional opera singer, discoverer of three nebulae and eight comets, Caroline Herschel is a true testament to sheer grit and refusal to take things lying down. She did not let the time of her birth (1750), her Jewish faith or her physical impairments from childhood disease (smallpox and typhus among others) stop her from scaling heights unheard of in women, not just during her time but for years to come.
Thankfully her father Isaac and her brother the astronomer William Herschel both saw the spark in their beloved ‘Lina’. Hers was a real Cinderella story, but instead of a misplaced glass slipper, Caroline made sure we know her through her work in making glass lenses to study the stars. She was given awards by kings and her own peers for her contribution to astronomy.

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