Two poems by Purnendu Pattrea, February 2 1933 to eternity

When are you coming?

All the doors are open
On each tree hangs an invitation
Like a deep kiss for the river the sky leans in
Sunlit and sparkling.
Tell me, when are you coming?

The day passes, it is getting late
In the garden old flowers wilt
Everyone else walks self important
To distant festivities too big to miss.
Will you be even later than this?

Today was a very good day
Guests from near and far in every house to stay
The trees and forests cast their old skins away
To dress in new young leaves.
I don’t know whether you know this.

I am alone, in a desolate void
Aloofness swarming in my heart.
Whatever I pick from my desires ardent
Tearful, trembling.
Tell me, when are you coming?


Entangled in your hair

I am entangled in your open hair.
Blame this midday heat for my desire.
Long have I walked on pebbles and stone
These dark wings crave rest of their own
To bathe in shade cooled depths, casting off my old attire.

I am entangled in the blue calm of your eyes.
Feels like you were always within mine.
I have looked for you, in clouds and forests
Broken branches, torn flowers and bud
Searched knee-deep in river and in mud.

I am caught up in your hair flowing free.
You are like full bloom upon a tree.
Failed anger bleeds from finger tip
I crave your smell on every inch of my skin
In your innermost depths I find that peace.


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