Only Lovers Left Alive – Jim Jarmusch.

Only Lovers Left Alive….such a pleasure to watch, partly with my daughter and then when she left to nap or clean her room, on my own. Takes the Twilight series and flushes it down where it belongs.

Tilda Swinton or ‘Eve’ is not everyone’s cup of beautiful, but she acts in a way that makes you wish you were hers.Tom Hiddleston is himself, a vampire musician who gave Schubert an adagio and asked him to pass it off as his own – because – and this is the sort of dialogue that won my heart alongside the stylish feel of the film – he wanted ‘a reflection in the wind.’

If you think this is a film about vampires, you would be disappointed. The two are centuries old, wise and sophisticated, with an ability to see into our future – ‘Have the water wars started? No, they are still all about oil’ and they count people like Twain and Galileo among their former friends.

John Hurt appears as Christopher Marlowe and refuses to answer THE question, wryly observing instead that he wished he had met Hiddleston’s ‘Adam’ before he wrote Hamlet.

Desolate shots of Detroit and Tangiers taken at night of course, a voluptuous feel to the interiors, the taking of Tesla’s ideas to fuel both Adam’s car and illuminate his house and Adam’s answer to Eve’s question about his heroes – ‘Pythagoras, slaughtered. Galileo, imprisoned. Copernicus, ridiculed. Poor old Newton pushed into secrecy and alchemy. Tesla, destroyed; his beautiful possibilities completely ignored. And they’re still bitching about Darwin’ – these make for both a visual feast and a chance to exercise and nourish the senses.


Is there any of the classic vampire action? Yes, but the shots of blood drinking are confined to the use of wine glasses and the vampires are then shown with fangs bared briefly, sinking into a stupor almost like a drug hit. Not till the very end do we see any biting going on.

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