Big Gay Facebook…..and that Voltaire quote that never was.


For all the people getting their straight jackets in a right muddle because of the rainbows on Facebook, I feel for you. But spare a thought for the FB data scientist who has to look at all the tracked information and write something with the heading “the diffusion of support in an online social movement” as they did the last time FB went happy.

And take a deep breath and let it go.

Out of ten or fifty rainbows (depending on your choice of friends), perhaps one does lead to a true appreciation of a historic moment and we have so few of those and so little to celebrate. I am just grateful that the Wonderbra, invisible tape and hemorrhoid cream were all invented long before FB came into my life. Ugly picture, isn’t it?

My point is – “The supposed right of intolerance is absurd and barbaric. It is the right of the tiger; nay, it is far worse, for tigers do but tear in order to have food, while we rend each other for paragraphs.”
Now that is in quotes because that is something Voltaire did really say, although the incorrectly attributed “I do not approve of what you use as your profile photo, but I will defend your right to play with your own leprechauns”, is more befitting this occasion.

I will change mine today or tomorrow or next week, but I will continue to feel happy for the week in which the Confederate flag began fraying, same sex marriage became legal and every American became eligible for healthcare. Small beginnings for some perhaps, but these mean the world for others and that is a biggie in my book.


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1 Response to Big Gay Facebook…..and that Voltaire quote that never was.

  1. spunkybong says:

    You make me wonder why wordpress doesn’t have an ‘adored’. Why only ‘liked’? 😀

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