The first table knives or how to make sure your friends don’t bleed over your best linen

On this day in 1637, disgusted by watching his dinner guests picking their beef bourguignon out of their teeth with their daggers, Cardinal Richelieu finally ordered the blades of his steak knives to be ground into rounded shapes. Lo and behold, the modern dinner knife was born!

As people rarely drank water with meat in those hygienically challenged times, they probably had quite a few cases of unintentional tongue piercings as well, after long dinners of tough meat washed down with libations of ale and wine.

The rounded table knives soon became more popular than front row seats at a lingerie parade during Paris Fashion Week and pretty soon the rest of the Europeans including the Brits were using them.

These are not that old, but the photo does show how people carried their cutlery around to impress the savages they met, which was nearly everyone else!


(Info: All true as I found it on the net <grin>)

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