Minogame: turtle tales

Minogame the ancient turtle is so old that he carries a beard of seaweed wherever he goes.


Minogame, the ancient turtle

If you or I are ever in the kingdom of the sea people where the purple sea grasses grow and sea horses chase fish away from glittering clusters of eggs, he may well be the ride we get to take us deeper and deeper. Finally he stops where the sea king holds court. If you are very fortunate the king may invite you to live with his family and give you his daughter as a guide. Your days will pass in reading the ancient scrolls and listening to whales sing in the blue waters above your head while the sting rays gently fan you and the princess. Your nights will pass under an artificial sky of indigo lit by the phosphorescence of a million jelly fish pulsating like celestial orbs. But beware that you do not begin to feel homesick for the land again for if you do, the old turtle will carry you back to where it found you on the shore but not before the princess gives you a box. Never open it whatever you do, because the moment you do, a wisp of smoke will escape and with that will come all the ravages of old age that you kept at bay under the sea.

If you do not believe it, just ask for the fisherman’s son Urashima. This is exactly what happened to him.

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