Tum bilkul hum jaise nikle…

When my thoughts are of dark days and sad dawns…


fahmida_riaz-721051What a wonderful poem, as recited by the progressive Urdu poetess, Fahmida Riaz, bringing out the sameness on both sides of the border and with an apt title “Tum bilkul hum jaise nikle”(You turned out to be just like us)

As Shabana Mir writes on her blog: The progressive Pakistani poet, Fahmida Riaz, recites a poem to an Indian audience comparing the rise of Hindutva in India with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan. Note the delight of the Indian audience and the “delicious” cultural affinity between Indian and Pakistani political discourse. And forgive my attempt at translation. It’s impossible to catch all the nuance, but I tried. (https://koonjblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/india-awash-in-fundamentalism-hail-fellow-well-met/)

“Tum bilkul hum jaise nikle
tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley
ab tak kahaN chhupe the bhai
voh moorkhta, voh ghaamarpan
jis mein hum ne sadi ganwai
aakhir pahunchi dwaar tumhaarey
arre badhai bohot badhai

preyt dharam ka naach…

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