Tendulkar vs Chappell: Playing it mostly my way.

Somewhere in my albums is a photo of me looking hot and bothered standing next to Greg Chappell in Brisbane. We had gone to Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens, it was my second day in the country and I had no idea that overseas could be as hot as back home. I was also the only one there who was unimpressed by Chappell as I had no idea of his cricketing past. I only knew of current players and of Ian Chappell as he used to be a commentator. Greg Chappell looks self satisfied, wooden and tall; as befitted a player of his standing. It was only later that I found out he was from Adelaide, born and raised in the suburb of Unley and schooled at THE Prince Alfred College. It was then that the self satisfied bit fell into place.

ESPN describes him as having a touch of the tin soldier. All I can say is I don’t fancy being a tin soldier when someone like Tendulkar gets their sights trained on me. What I also want to know is, does God lie? Or is he pulling a Chetan ‘I am sensational’ Bhagat on us?

If the second is true this could mean the end of time as I have come to measure it. Pre – 1989 and post – 1989 and that 16 year old with the bleeding nose in Sialkot and the 27 runs in one over scored in another game on that tour of Pakistan; The Boy Who Could Do No Wrong With a Willow in hand.

As Chappell’s fellow Aussies say about an entirely different game, ‘Come in Spinner’!


Dravid, Tendulkar and Chappell: Sachin has said Chappell wanted his help in getting Dravid off the team in his autobiography.

Pic: http://www.cricket.com.au/news/greg-chappell-sachin-tendulkar-rahul-dravid-autobiography-playing-it-my-way/2014-11-04

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