A thank you note from the past!

I buy a lot of gardening books. From shops, second hand places, garage sales and library sales. I always like looking at the inside leaf to see if there are names, dates or messages from the previous owner/owners. I have even got books that were signed by the writer and then sold for a few cents or given away.


But this one is special. A book given as thanks to Elaine and Robyn by Winsome for the years they had looked after her. Winsome is such a typically old fashioned name, I imagine her to be a person either from Africa or the Pacific islands, where Biblical names like Prosper and Scholastica are still common. I wonder whether the other two were looking after her while she studied in Adelaide or perhaps sponsored her on a long stay. Whatever it was will always remain a mystery and I can only speculate.

All I know is that out there is a person called Winsome who was raised just right and knew how to put in a message in beautiful handwriting when she gifted people a book as an appreciative thank you.

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