I intend to write

I intend to write
I intend to write a literary opus

Of Rabelaisian proportions

A kind of a mashed spicy hocus

Brick Lane, A Suitable Boy and 50 Shades of Terracotta

Or whatever that damned book is.

No, promise not to touch Harry Potter!

I promise romps in kitchens and out of them

Dressed in dal, French fries and sometimes less, ah the shame!

I promise no holds barred, on the table

What the hell? Under the table too!

Just make sure you put something down first.

Of course there will be families accursed

On the scale of Godfather, with a smattering

Of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Churail Thi!

Or was it the other way round, let me see?

I have decided to include many of you, YES, you TOO!

No names of course, just your foibles, joy guru!

And puhleeze! When I am famous, for that’s a given!

Try not to remember the bad hair days and faux passen

And I will see to it that you get paper hats and free tickets

To see the filming at the trendy Hauz Khas markets.

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2 Responses to I intend to write

  1. dipali55 says:


  2. rumachak says:

    Thank you Dipali…:)

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