The word Shankarabharanam means the ‘ornament of Lord Shiva’. The seven notes of the Raga are associated with the seven ornaments that adorn Lord Shiva: the (sa) is the serpent, the (ri) is the rudraksha, the (ga) is the river Ganga, the (ma) is the mriga or deer skin, the (pa) is pushpa or flower, the (dha) is the damaru or drum and the (ni) is the crescent moon. Shankarabharanam is supposed to evoke shringara ras. It is a beautiful all day Raga.

Listening to M.S Subbulakshmi singing the Raga is an experience:


The song from the film Sankarabharanam:

Omkara nadanu santhana:


Finally, a  Rabindrasangeet by Tagore based on the same Raga:

Debabrata Biswas: Biswa Binarobe Biswajono Mohicche

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